Wednesday, 10 September 2014

September Scholastic Book Orders

salamun alaykum,

I will only accept orders by cheque (no cash please)

Literacy and reading are skills that greatly influences the benefits we receive from our education. It opens our minds to new ideas and worlds we can't see in our daily life as children. Please do not underestimate the change you can cause in your child's life by encouraging them to read. I encourage you as parents to encourage your child to read.

If you are interested in ordering books from Scholastic this year, I will be making the flyers and printable order forms available via the blog. Feel free to find books from other sources as well (especially if you have already promoted and encouraged reading at home).

You may email me to have a printed copy of the pdf sent home with your child in shaa Allah.

Flyers and order forms can be found here:

Jazakum Allahu khayran

P.S. future flyers and forms will be uploaded to the same folder in shaa Allah, so check back every month!

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