Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Apr 14 subject updates

This week we will be working on polishing up our Speeches in preparation of next months competition.The children will be allowed to do some research in the computer lab today, but should also take initiative at home if they require further research into their topic.

Next week we will begin presenting speeches in front of the class as well.

Students have also been given a challenge to write and direct their own Movie Trailer. The kids and I are both very excited to see what their efforts produce. I will give them 3 Scene Options which they will need to interpret visually and complete dialogue for.

Social Studies
The elections are approaching quickly. No date has been set yet (to allow time to work on Language and Science projects whose deadlines are Friday and next Monday)/

Last week, we worked on estimating quotients, dividing by 10, and calculating a decimal quotient.
This week inshaAllah, we will continue with chapter 10 and work on dividing decimals by whole numbers, and problem solving.

Alhamdu lillah, we have concluded the unit on Body Works and the students are completing their final touches on their projects "New Product" which they should submit by the end of next week. 
We will be starting the unit on "Forces Acting on Structures" inshaAllah next week.Please send to school any simple machines you can spare around the house (can opener, hammer, toy car, peeler, etc.). We promise to send them back home by the end of this unit!

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