Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Oct 14 Update

Gr. 5 Social Studies:

Students have been continuing to learn about the political parties and Government of Canada. This week we have been developing our own party platforms/campaign materials in preparation for our upcoming in-class elections.

Gr. 5 Islamic Studies:

The students have finished learning about Salman Al Farisi (companion of the Prophet pbuh) and have now focused their learning on Surat-ul-Mulk. The students have been asked to write a short paragraph describing a part of creation that they find "amazing". 

Masha Allah we even had a few students volunteering to help organise and deliver lesson material/class-work related to Surat-ul-Mulk. I have asked the students to try practicing their recitation of ayat 1-11 of the Surah and we will be reviewing some of the important lessons of the chapter in the weeks to come in shaa Allah.

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