Friday, 13 November 2015

Update Nov 13

as salamu alaykum

IMPORTANT: Please note that we will be accepting donations for Sadaqa Food Bank over the next 2 weeks. The Food Bank is in desperate need of Oil, Flour, Rice and Beans. We encourage you and your families to help if you can in shaa Allah.

Quran: Surat Al Haqq (ayat 1-8)

Science: Quiz on Monday (Study pg 34 circulatory system) & pg 11 (skeletal system)

Field Trip: Tuesday Nov 17 we will be headed to Parliament

Math: Congratulations to all the students! The class did amazing on their quiz :)

Islamic: The class is continuing to learn about the different Prophets in Islam. Their lineage, their miracles, and their common character.

Social Studies: Congratulations to the new Grade 5 Prime Ministers and their Political Parties. In class we are learning more about the levels of government and laws to prepare for our trip to the parliament next week.

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