Thursday, 7 January 2016

Welcome Back

As salamu Alaykum Dear Parents and Students.

Welcome back to school! It's so good to see all of you back and in good health in shaa Allah.

Here are some updates for this week.

We introduced our new unit (Forces Acting on Structures) before the winter break, and we are currently working on understanding types and examples of forces and how they might affect structures around us.

Language Arts
Please be reminded that the Poetry Test for Grade 5A & 5B will be on Thursday, January 7, 2016.
We have been reviewing in class this week and all students have received a Review Sheet to study 

Social Studies
We are learning about Canada's History. We have started learning more about Canadian First Nations.

Islamic Studies
Unit review activities for Prophets and Salat. 

Surat Al-Haqqa ayas 38 to 45: the test is on Friday, Dec 8th. 

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