Thursday, 26 March 2015

Update Mar 26th

salamun alaykum,


The PST is happy to announce the Abraar Talent Show coming April 28 inshaAllah!!! Event posters have been put up around the school and we hope you and your students have checked them out :) Please talk to your child and encourage them to participate in this event and consider joining in on the fun yourself!!! This year auditions will be submitted electronically only. Please go to the PST blog for more details on submission form and procedure. Don't forget deadline for submission is April 7 @9:00 pm inshaAllah.
We would appreciate it if you can help us spread the word to parents by including the following link in your personal class blog update:
It was a big hit last year and we hope it will be the same this year inshaAllah. Thank you and looking forward to your participation. 

Congratulations to all the Science Fair participants on showing your skills and learning. Your hard work and effort really showed! May Allah increase you in your beneficial knowledge and lead you to success with all that you are learning. Ameen!

Subject Updates:

Social Studies: Students are working on the "Grade 5 Elections". So far candidates have made their initial campaign speeches. We are now looking forward to press conferences from candidates, news reports on the election, and supporting campaign ads/skits.

Language: We are continuing our work with speeches. Not only will we incorporate our learning in the Social Studies Elections, but also in our preparation for the Annual Speech Competition.

Math:  update coming soon

Health/Science:  Students are starting a cross-curricular project where they will be designing a new product packaging for a health-promoting product.

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